Mindset Shifting Group Class Replay, Live Q&A and ongoing updates and methods

Learn how to clear your own subconscious resistance  

Live Q&A is at 1PM CST on SATURDAY Feb 11th 2023 

Mind Shifting enables people to unblock their subconscious minds so that their problems disappear and they start creating the reality they want!Mind Shifting methods are a game changer for anyone on a path of personal and spiritual development because they empower you to quickly dissolve any problem you experience, whilst also unlocking the power of the Law of Assumption, for you. It clears the doubts, fears and beliefs in your subconscious that prevent you from having the reality you want with skipping any need for "healing" or "revision"
  • Author: Nikki
  • Level: Any
  • Study time: 2 hours
  • Live time: 1 hours
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    What's included?

    • One hour Q & A
    • Several methods to use
    • Replay of Group class /demonstration 
    • DIY Instructions
    • Discounts for other Mindset Shifting Services 

    After checkout

    You should be directed to the course page. This is the page you will need to access on the day and time of class. You can always come back to the website, login to your account and see your courses to re-visit this page and watch replays and videos

    Personal Guidance 

    Together, I will teach you how to address the resistance, fears or problems from old or current circumstances and how to guide your subconscious to eliminate these limitations.  Each problem takes 5-10 min.