Custom Subliminals & Affirmation Audio

1 Hour Custom Subliminals and Affirmations 

Manifest with a custom subliminal audio from Nikki or Chris. Choose either an affirmation audio (affirmations you can hear) or a subliminal audio (affirmations hidden under music/sound)  Both work the same, it is a personal preference on which you choose. 

You will book the audio on the calendar and be asked questions to fill out to submit. THIS IS NOT A CALL. You will receive your audio within 5 days of the date/time you booked. This is simply for us to keep track and keep it on our cue. 
Affirmation Audio and Subliminal Audio is 1 hour long looped with your custom affirmations. 
Meditations vary in length, looping your end scene. 
Your audio will be emailed by a downloadable link 

1 Hour Custom Subliminals and Affirmation Audio 

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